Are you planning on repainting your kitchen?

Or are you stuck with the right colour to apply for your newly-built one?

It’s a crucial decision. Your kitchen colour can make or break the ambience. Thus, it can either make the kitchen more inviting or send a stressful and chaotic vibe.

7 Kitchen Colour Schemes That Never Go Out of Style


“Kitchen is the heart of a home”

It is where  memorable moments happen such as:

  • Messy breakfasts with the kids
  • First try of baking a birthday cake
  • Passing down of family’s secret recipe
  • Late-night dinner after a tiring day at work

Because of this “busyness”, accidents may also happen here. So, it is best to know how you can make it more functional.

7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Functional


Are you planning to give your kitchen a renovation soon?

5 Kitchen Design Trends to Make Your Kitchen Standout