The Hamptons is an area located in the Long Islands in New York City. Although it’s oceans are away from Queensland, we encounter the word Hampton quite often.

Do you ever wonder why?

This is because Hampton is a popular interior design in Australia that is highly-inspired by the actual place.

4 Tips to Achieve a Hampton Style Bathroom


The desire to change things in our lives is normal. This includes changing our home’s interior design. So if you are one of those families who are thinking of making a change inside their home, we have listed some reasons why choosing a Hampton Style Design would best suit you.

Why Hampton Style is the Best Interior Design for 2021


Are you planning on repainting your kitchen?

Or are you stuck with the right colour to apply for your newly-built one?

It’s a crucial decision. Your kitchen colour can make or break the ambience. Thus, it can either make the kitchen more inviting or send a stressful and chaotic vibe.

7 Kitchen Colour Schemes That Never Go Out of Style